[YFP 001] Be the Conductor of Your Life with Jessica Caver Lindholm - Christi Daniels -Somatic Coach + Facilitator at Empower Studio

Be the conductor of your life ~ Jessica Caver Lindholm is a powerhouse of wisdom and brings a sense of freedom and confidence to this conversation about putting You First!

A lot of women have this fear of taking that step and how hard that’s going to be. What’s amazing is that wherever you are now and what you’re putting up with in this situation is so much tougher than that next step. When you take that step to take care of yourself first, life gets easier. Because you’ve set up boundaries and you have expectations of how people will treat you and what you’re willing to accept in your life. Rather than it being scary, it’s liberating to move forward. Don’t be afraid. What you’ve been through is so much tougher and where you’re going is going to be so much more effortless.” Jessica Caver Lindholm, Financial Freedom Coach