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Time to wake up, Soul Sister, and start living true to you:

  • Trust yourself completely
  • Restore your inner integrity
  • Stop being drained by your choices and start feeling energized by them
  • Feel thrilled at the end of the day about how aligned your energy, effort, power, money (and other resources) were with your soul’s calling
  • Recognize you’re bored with the numbness of a ‘default life’ so that you can wake up and be excited about life again, on fire with creative ideas and self-expression

Rollie LewisMy life has become pure magic since I started sessions with you. Rollie Lewis | Florida, U.S.A.

Your enormous heart led you to a helping profession. As a teacher, massage therapist, virtual assistant, or other helping professional, you care for the mind, body, soul, or business of others – and you do it superbly – but you struggle to give yourself even a fraction of the time and attention you devote to others.

As a bright woman who’s done a lot of personal development, you understand better than most how self-care, listening to your inner wisdom, and following your soul’s calling are vital to your well-being. In fact, you encourage others to live that way and that’s one reason why it’s so frustrating when you can’t make it happen for yourself. Being out of integrity with what you value leaves you feeling “off” center. It’s as if something’s missing and that something that’s missing is … you.

Truth-be-told, you’ve been ignoring an emptiness inside of you for awhile now. Deep down you know neglecting yourself isn’t sustainable and it’s starting to take a toll. You’re sensing some dreams and possibilities have an expiration date and need to be claimed before they expire. That quickening you feel in your chest, that stirring in your gut is a signal it’s time to do something different.

Rather than wandering around alone trying to figure out what’s wrong with you in the desert of self-help books and do-it-yourself programs, there’s a part of you that yearns to find a true oasis. A soft, safe, lush space where you sit down, take a deep breath, and let go of all of the worries, all of the pressures, all of the expectations that require you to be “on” and responsible 24/7. A place where you can simply relax into yourself and BE.

In your heart of hearts, you really want someone to take you by the hand and show you the way, with that same attentiveness and genuine care you extend to others … to reassure you this path has been walked before, you’ll arrive in your own perfect timing, and that you’ll have help orienting along the way.

And I’m so glad you made it here because that’s exactly what I do!

I’m Christi Daniels, your Self-Leadership Mentor, and it’s my passion to assist extraordinary women as they step into the leadership role of their life. My clients reacquaint themselves with their inner wellspring of wisdom, energy, and enthusiasm and learn to harness it as fuel for their dreams.

I spent 16 years in the corporate world using my geeky-systems-synthesis skills to bring accounts and projects back into alignment before I switched my focus from serving high-quality projects to high-quality people. I’m now a coach by training, but I was born with the heart of a teacher and the mind of a systems engineer. Every day I get to share more of my wholeness led by my heart with deep listening and intuitive wisdom and served well by that strategic mind.

I continue to earn my most valuable credentials for being your mentor in the trenches of day to day life. In the early days, step by step, I reconstructed my own sense of self and I continue to realign and readjust each day with who I’m discovering myself to be. It was a lonely and confusing journey at first, but what kept me going was a vow to figure out a way to get back to myself first, and if it worked, to share what I found so that no other women had to needlessly suffer. This pledge was behind starting my mentoring practice called Self-Full Living and subsequently writing a book titled Sabbatical from “Yes”.

Along the way, I adopted the title “Self-Leadership Mentor” because it describes exactly what I do. I assist my clients in exploring their inner landscape to rediscover and reorient themselves with who they really are underneath all of the social conditioning, survival programming, and assumptions they built their life upon. Rather than being led from the outside world, my clients learn to trust themselves, to align their perspective, choices, and actions with nourishing who they really are and to lead themselves with love, compassion, and tenderness as sovereign beings first and foremost, which creates a wellspring of energy, creativity, and richness that make it easy to share with others, no sacrifice required.

Through my cornerstone programs, Self-Full Living™ and RESET Inner Wisdom Immersion, I give bright, highly sensitive, driven women the innovative tools and training needed to trust themselves completely and blaze their own, authentic trail in a modern, ever-changing world.

Learn more here (and get a free chapter from my book).



April Kennedy | Arkansas, U.S.A.
Writer, Women's Wellness Advocate, and Yoga Instructor

I just wanted to tell you what an AMAZING coach I think you are... you hold space and intuit. I feel heard, understood and I can see the better version of me emerging. I became, at least temporarily, the woman who knows her worth, holds her head high, and connects the bridge between the haves and have-nots with her unique life purpose and story.

I have a great deal of experience personally and professionally with counselors, therapists and the like and you are absolutely among the best of the best.

Kim Shelman | Oregan, U.S.A.

Christi is one of the most organized people I know. She has a way with clients that ensures they are thrilled with her services … I could always rely on Christi to help me or work with me on a confusing task. She is the best!


Joy Caffrey | Arkansas, U.S.A. 
Healer, Speaker, and Peacemaker @ JoyfulHealingCenter.com

I had no hesitations about working with you, I trust and respect you.

Since working together, I can feel shifts within myself and within my relationship to the Universe. I love that your tapping scripts offered me self-compassion and empowerment simultaneously. I see that you believe in me. You point me to my own wisdom and you're an awesome connector.

What I've liked best about working with you is your patience, your soothing voice and that you see my strengths and allow me space to share as I needed. You're sincere, sensitive and resourceful. You're full of integrity and non-judging. You're also a natural researcher. You have an abundance of resources at your fingertips and you're specific and clear in your approach to coaching. 

I've already recommended you to some of my clients and I will continue to recommend you, especially to those who put everyone else first. What I'd say to someone considering a session is, "Christi Daniels brings you soothing relief and empowerment all at the same time. You will not regret your choice to set an appointment with her. I have loved all of my sessions with her and I see direct results in my life."

Christi Daniels, Self-Fulfillment Mentor

Official Bio

Christi Daniels is a Self-leadership Mentor whose passion is assisting extraordinary women as they break out of self-limiting patterns keeping them stuck satisfying everyone else, but losing themselves in the process. After 14 years in the corporate world (and recovering from earning her Ph. D. in Putting Others First), she started her business to make good on a pledge to assist women and provide a shortcut to shave off years of self-sacrifice and deprivation so that they could live with higher levels of joy, energy and ease in their lives. Using an eclectic mix of unconventional methods, Christi assists women in returning their focus and priority back onto themselves and reconnecting with their own inner wisdom and inherent value. Christi is the founder of the Live True to You  community, leads a ten-week course in self-fulfillment and is the author of Sabbatical from”Yes”.

More About Me

I live in Fayetteville, Arkansas with my two sons, husband, and hyper dog. My daughter, son-in-law, and grandbabies live nearby. (Being a grandparent is more fun than I could have imagined.)  

My Obsessions

  • Cirque du Soliel
  • Nature
  • Learning
  • Spirituality and Personal Development
  • Holistic everything
  • Delicious, nourishing food
  • Movement / Dance
  • Technology & Design
  • Urban Farming / Self-Sufficiency
  • Travel


The investment you make in yourself during our time together makes ripple effects extending beyond your immediate circle. Check out these heart-expanding organizations that receive a portion of the abundance that started with you!

Speaking and Workshop Topics

  • Authenticity – Bring Yourself Back to Life
  • You First – The Art and Practice of Self-Full Living
  • Trust and Honor Yourself and Your Body A Chat with Body Discomfort
  • Self-Worth – Give Yourself a Raise
  • Financial – Set an Outrageous Goal (and remove inner blocks to getting there)
  • Hiding vs. ShiningBreak the Vow of Invisibility