EMD - Christi Daniels -Somatic Coach + Facilitator at Empower Studio



When you’re tired, but you keep pushing through life because people are depending on you, it can feel like a struggle to accomplish even the most basic tasks. The little joys are nowhere to be found. You feel disconnected from your desires and your dreams. Numbness creeps in. When you signed up for these things you really cared and wanted to do a great job, but one day you looked up and life’s become an overwhelming, jumbled mess.

This builds up over time and despite the fact that you really need a break, you don’t want to disappoint others, you don’t want to appear weak, and you really do care about doing a good job. So you keep on pushing to keep your commitments. Your integrity and word are important to you. Besides, isn’t this just what life is like?

Slogging your way through life this way takes a lot of energy. But instead of making headway, you look up and find you’ve been running on the metaphorical hamster wheel and end up discouraged with no relief in sight. You’ve given everything away to others and have no energy left at the end of the day for yourself.

“Sometime soon I need to feel like a real, whole person again and not just fragments of responsibilities and commitments to others.”
My overwhelmed inner voice


I lived much of my life in this state of depletion. I also noticed many women around me had similar experiences. Despite the fact that we were sensitive, big-hearted women who were bright, capable, go-getters, we continually found ourselves in this cycle of depletion, running on empty.

I also spent years understanding how I created it, how I could manage it, and eventually how I could transcend it.

I discovered how to start living with more depth, connection, and meaning and how to cultivate the skills that a sensitive, driven woman needs to be able to navigate our modern world while staying true to herself in every facet of life.

Imagine feeling connected on a moment to moment basis with your dreams, inner wisdom, and desires. Feeling alive and vibrant, not only filled with potential and optimism but directing your focus to bring your heart’s desires to fruition. Imagine letting go of what drains and no longer serves you and shifting your time and energy toward investing in what nourishes you and brings you joy. Consciously making empowered choices based on your preferences, your unique conditions for thriving, and informed by your body’s inner wisdom. Imagine integrating this way of living into your daily life, relationships, and worldview.

To shift from selfless to Self-Full Living™, there are a number of skills to cultivate. All of them are within your reach, they are innate to us when we are tuned into our inner wisdom, but so many of us have been socialized away from our essence. Many of them you already possess command over, but they’re directed outward, rather than inward. With a slight tweak to how you direct your focus, you can learn to leverage them beautifully.


Self-Full™ Skill #1: Reclaim Your Time

Time is power. How can you belong to yourself if all of your time belongs to everyone else?

I’ve created the Reclaim Your Time Workshop to help you start reclaiming your time (and your life). You’ll first bring order to your commitments and clearly see what’s draining vs. fueling you. Then you’ll be guided through the process of making decisions that free up your energy. When you make decisions that are in tune with your inner wisdom and that nourish you, you begin to build up a balance of choices that return energy to you, rather than drain you.

That soulful, tuned in experience of honoring your inner wisdom and making wise and compassionate choices that nourish you is what I call exquisite self-care.

Let’s dig into that a bit so we can discover what it looks like for you. …


If you pile too much into your day and wonder why you’re fried, this mini-workshop can help. You’ll discover a step by step process that reveals where you’re spending your time on commitments that drain vs. fuel you. When you see them all in one place, you’ll also have a clear idea of how to move out of frenzy and into self-care.