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Modern life doesn’t have to be so hard


If everything seems fine from the outside looking in, but on the inside you’re feeling disconnected from yourself and your dreams, you’re not alone.

Bright, sensitive, and driven women can find themselves in a similar place – I know I’ve been there. Our hearts call us forward to something more in life, but we are socialized to ignore the call. This inner distance is only furthered by our social environment with so many attempts to redirect our attention for another’s gain. Throw in the social stress response of appeasing (people-pleasing) and it can be challenging to disconnect from meeting other’s needs to get back to our core and make the decisions that are in our own best interest. To take the steps to live life where our own needs are honored as the priority and we feel nourished with our energy reserves on full, rather than empty.

All the while, your soul is calling you…

toward feeling safe in your skin and at home in your body

… toward alignment with your potential

… toward radiant self-confidence

… toward attracting and receiving the attention you want (personally and professionally)

toward receiving a higher income and living an abundant life

And when you give yourself a break, time to reconnect and recharge, you’ll see yourself and life with softer eyes. By seeing this particular version of the game of life was rigged with unattainable goals of perfection, pressure, and guilt, you can then free yourself to reconnect with your inner wisdom and soul-stirring desires and gain new skills for navigating a complex and chaotic world. You’ll experience less stress and more ease by cultivating deep self-trust through exquisite self-care.

Listen to your heart … if she’s resonating with this you can check out the Gifts page for complimentary resources to help you reconnect with the magic of life.

With love and self-full devotion,


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Rollie Lewis | Florida, U.S.A.
English Teacher for Non-Native Speakers @ Valencia College

"The time I spent doing the Self-Full Living program with you was the best investment I ever made in myself. The things I learned with you about myself and life continue to have an impact on me today."



 (It’s not selfish, when it’s Self-Full™)

Use the Self-Full™ Framework:

Step 1: Invest in Yourself (Pick an area of personal power that’s alive for you: time, money, quality of life)
Step 2: Reconnect with what’s true for you (not what you’ve been conditioned to think)
Step 3: Align with what you find  (adjust and let go of what no longer serves)
Step 4: Nourish your mind, body, and soul exquisitely (give yourself what you need, want, and desire builds self-trust)
Step 5: Create structures to support and protect your mind, body, and soul (so your original investment continues to serve you over time)

(then back to step 1 in the next area that’s alive for you)

Think of the Self-Full™ Framework is in the shape of a spiral. Imagine each step taking you deeper into the spiral and closer and closer to your core. With each travel through a spiral, you discover deeper levels of authenticity and fulfillment. It’s truly a journey toward inner peace, despite outer circumstances.

I live, coach, and create from the ancestral homelands and hunting grounds of the Wahzhazhe nation (aka Osage).  As someone of primarily European descent, I know these lands as Northwest Arkansas and I’m one of a long line of intruders and occupants of this forcefully ceded territory on Turtle Island. I am learning how to honor and pay respect to the life and spirit of the Wahzhazhe elders of the past and their descendants of the present and future. I cannot change the heartbreaking and unjust past, however, I am committed to being a better member of this web of life and co-creating a better future. I commit to being a better steward of the land in my care and to use my life, work, and privilege to hospice white supremacy, dominance, and extraction to their end. I commit to co-creating a just world where mutual care, respect, and well-being are priorities.

As of October 2020, a portion of the income through my coaching practice is being directed into the Liberated Capital Giving Circle, a Decolonizing Wealth Fund.