Be 'Selfish' and Fuel Your Soul's Evolution - Christi Daniels -Somatic Coach + Facilitator at Empower Studio

Hello Love,

Has anyone reminded you lately that you’re soooo worth having what you want?

As a highly sensitive, big-hearted lover of people, you care deeply about others and being of service is important to you. However, many of us can get caught up in serving others and forget to tend to the more personal, seemingly selfish yearnings from our own soul.

When your energy and enthusiasm feel like it’s been siphoned away, chances are you’ve been investing your ‘yes’ in everything and everyone around you and simply forgetting that some of that energy needs to be returned to you. The easiest way to get it back? Answer your soul’s calling with a ‘yes’ action.

So what have you been longing for?

What has been building up in your heart?

What is aching to jump out into the light of day and be expressed or experienced?

It could be anything:

  • A day to rest, maybe to simply sit and read
  • Time to play in the sun and splash in the water
  • Letting go of a commitment or responsibility that’s draining you
  • Time to paint those images that keep coming to you
  • A relaxing afternoon with a group of friends
  • 30 minutes to take a nap
  • A night of moving, shaking and dancing
  • A trip around the world
  • To commune with nature
  • (Insert yours here)

Whatever yours happens to be, know that you’re worth having the experience. Whether it takes 30 minutes or a lifetime.

The divine speaks to us through our curiosity and excitement. Life is wanting to experience itself through us. Rather than the casual ‘yes’ that slips out of our mouths agreeing to new responsibilities or commitments, these are different. These are your divine versions.

They’re your soulful ‘YES’.

Consider them subtle breadcrumbs that lead you to more energy, enthusiasm and bliss. Too often we dismiss them or put them aside because we don’t have time, energy or resources, but these are the very nudges that are most important to honor. Collectively they form a map for how to get from where you are now to where your soul is calling you to be. That next version of a more fulfilling, energetic life that you’ve been wishing for? Yep, those yearnings are trying to take you there. They might not make total sense at first (or for a long time), but experimenting with even the smallest actions can begin to develop your trust in them.

When you say ‘yes’, all sorts of magic and special powers come with it.

If you’re honest with yourself, you do make the impossible possible. You do create something out of nothing. You defy the odds when it comes to deadlines and responsibilities and appointments. You’ve made it through so many things that felt impossible to live through. Your heart has endured and your love has conquered and you are living proof. You don’t have it all figured out (none of us really do), but you show up day after day and invest your heart and soul in the people you care about, the causes that move you and the projects that inspire you. You might not realize the power you wield simply by being you. And your ‘yes’ is your sword.

Knowing this power makes you saying ‘yes’ a sacred act.

Today, just experiment. Follow where your heart is leading you. Lean into the ‘selfish’ desires and the soulful longings.

Start small.

Feel deeply.

Proceed bravely.

With love and so much appreciation for you and your yeses,


P.S. If you still feel that your soul’s calling is impossible to experience you might find inspiration from this interview I did on Visionaries in Light Radio with Marilyn Harper and Joeaux Robey. At one point I was asked about a time when my soul was calling me toward something that seemed like it had no solution and how an unconventional approach made it happen (moving out of the suburbs and into a tent to live with my kids and telecommute to a corporate job). Without knowing it, I had taken my first Sabbatical from Yes, which was a break from buying into what everyone else wanted and giving me time to tune into my own soul’s desires. Here’s to giving into yours!