Learning to Prioritize Yourself - Christi Daniels -Somatic Coach + Facilitator at Empower Studio

Dearest, big-hearted, generous soul. One thing you must know is that:

When you hold yourself back, you also hold back your gifts.

In a world filled with so many WTF moments, now more than ever, we need each other. We need each other to be showing up as our 100% authentic selves… gifts, shadows, quirks, weirdness, awesomeness and all. It’s not like you to be stingy with your time, presence and attention, but that’s what happens when you hold yourself back. We need kind-hearted souls to be more visible and vocal and when you aren’t, it registers as neglect. Not that it’s intentional on your part. Some of us learned to hide and fly under the radar as a way of surviving and coping with our environment. It’s time to learn new skills that will help us cultivate a deeper sense of connection with ourselves and those around us. For some it comes naturally, for others, not so much.

While it’s easy for you to be so in tune with those around you, and noticing the slightest need or desire that shows up, if you’re not also in tune with yourself and your own deepest desires, there’s a state of imbalance. It’s like you’re stealing from the world by keeping something so precious and wild hidden and you don’t even realize it.

My role is to assist you in reconnecting with your inherent worth, in redirecting your focus and shifting your priorities so that you are prioritizing yourself because that’s what allows you to bring your gifts into the world.

We touch on this during a recent interview with Visionaries in Light Radio. Joeaux Robey and Marilyn Harper were gracious hosts and I thought you might enjoy listening to the replay!


Tell me in the comments what thoughts or feelings you notice as you’re listening. Consider this part of the ‘noticing’ practice that I mentioned in the interview. Then once you’ve posted, give yourself imaginary bonus points for practicing!

P.S. Snub ye not those imaginary bonus points… experimenting with something new is the way this kind of shift happens.