I'm Worth More than This - Christi Daniels -Somatic Coach + Facilitator at Empower Studio

Sometimes you just have to draw a line in the sand.

That’s exactly what a Sabbatical from “Yes” is all about. It’s giving yourself a well-deserved break from compulsive compliance and agreement to requests for your time and energy. It’s also a break from certain responsibilities or commitments you might have made in the past that weren’t in complete alignment with an authentic yes. Consider it an opportunity to make a course correction, give yourself a breather and a chance to turn around those incredibly talented skills you wield for the good of others and point them right back at yourself.

It can be sobering to view all of your commitments and responsibilities through the lens of the Energy Matrix and see in black and white how each of them measure up in importance to you. This might even be the first time you’ve viewed your life with such clarity about what gives you energy and what drains it from you.

For a thirty day period, you’re challenged to move beyond mere intentions or decisions and into action. To try out a new way of being in the world that brings you more confidence, energy, and enthusiasm.

There’s a sense of excitement for the possibilities that exist just beyond your current state of putting others first.  You begin to see the glimmer of what your life could be on the other side, and with excitement and sweaty palms, consider the following declaration thoroughly before you sign your name to it and commit to the full length of the sabbatical. Are you ready to declare you’re worth more than living like this?

Declaration of Worth

From this day forward, I claim my worth.

I claim my full self, my beauty, my shadow, my love, my anger and everything in between.

From this day forward, I cease agreement with saying ‘yes’ to anything that I do not want.

I reject the notion that my worth exists only when I do something for someone else.

I reject the notion that it is my job to be responsible for anyone else’s happiness.

I reject the notion that I must agree with someone’s opinion to keep the peace.

I reject the notion that I must cooperate or collaborate against my inner will.

I reject the notion that I must give up anything for another person to have what they want.

I reject the notion that I must scrape bare the walls of my soul for any reason, whatsoever.

I reject the notion that I am here to advance anyone else’s agenda at the expense my own light.

Rather, I embrace the truth that I have a special gift to share in this world,

I might not be fully aware of what that is in this moment, but I know it resides inside of me,

It resides inside each of us.

It is my mission to BE my most authentic, unique BEing.

If I neglect myself, this will not be possible.

If I say ‘yes’ when I mean ‘no’, I am not authentic.

I embrace the truth that what is best for my highest Self is best for everyone; that truly helping my Self, helps everyone.

Therefore, I only say ‘yes’ and choose things that nurture me and stoke my internal flame.

I am the only one who can make that choice.

I understand that the divine speaks through my curiosity, my yearnings and my excitement.

I embrace situations where I feel the energy of satisfaction, fulfillment and pleasure.

I embrace silence and time for myself.

I trust my inner guidance to show me the way.

I embrace the truth that I am worthy in each moment, simply because I exist.

I embrace the truth that I am valuable, simply because I exist.

I embrace and hold sacred this gift of my life.

I embrace me FULLY.

I am enough and perfect, just as I AM.

Self-Full Living™ group program, Module 2: Sabbatical from Saying “Yes”