Give Yourself a Raise - Christi Daniels -Somatic Coach + Facilitator at Empower Studio



You are a masterful work of art, a unique expression of the divine, and priceless beyond measure. So, why doesn’t everyone in your life get this? And why is it so hard for you to realize how much you matter?



When you value yourself, people automatically put a higher value on you, too.” – Barbara Stanny


Where are you putting yourself on your own scale of self-value?

Take a look at this scale of self-value from 1-10 and use the examples to give yourself a number of where you’re sitting right now.

1 – I rock and I’m here to bless this planet exactly like I am, warts and all!

10 – I apologize for myself and what I do … a lot. Everyone else is more important than me, I’m here to help, be supportive and make everyone else’s life better, even if that’s at the expense of my own. I’m not really sure about what I want. It’s easier to just go with the flow of what everyone else wants than to invest the time and energy to discover what’s inside of me. It doesn’t matter. (But there’s a part of me that knows this isn’t true).

Write your number down. No worries, no judgements about what number it is. Truly, mine was a 15 when I started. I’ve often been considered an overachiever. 🙂

If you weren’t happy with the number you came up with, or if you’re open to seeing it move closer to “1”, then continue on. If you’re already at a “1”, I bow to you, sister.

How about a raise?

If you wonder what it would be like to live from a higher level of self-value, then I have good news for you. Nobody on the planet is holding you back from giving yourself what you want (except for you). All you have to do is make the decision and then take ownership. The bad news? You can’t rely on someone else to give it to you. This is NOT something you can outsource. As Jim Rohn said, “You can’t pay someone to do your push-ups.” It’s truly up to you to give this to yourself. When you make changes in the way you value yourself, others will follow suit.

WINYou are the only person on the planet who controls your self-value. You can’t outsource self-care, self-respect or self-love. (Tweet me!)

Here’s an audio replay to a talk that I gave on this topic several years ago at our local Women In Networking (WIN) luncheon. We had a great group of women who actively participated and you just might be inspired to give yourself a raise by listening, too!