From Overcommitted to CEO of Your Life - Christi Daniels -Somatic Coach + Facilitator at Empower Studio

Try this energy matrix to gain clarity about where you’re spending your energy and discover what is draining and/or fueling you. Become the CEO of your life (Chief Energy Officer). 

You’ve got a big, sensitive heart and you’re an incredibly capable and talented woman. You care about and sometimes feel that you’re capable of doing so much that you find yourself overcommitted, stressed and wondering how you’re supposed to make it all work.

That’s not helpful for you, nor for the people, projects and causes lucky enough to receive your energy. Rather than being the leading yourself, you can end up feeling as if you’re living at the mercy of your commitments.

The Energy Matrix is the place to start gaining clarity about your investments of energy. Which ones are giving you a high return in terms of energy and which ones are draining you dry? As a leader of your own life, the choices you make can either block your highest potential from being expressed or pave a runway that nourishes and supports you in living your heart’s desires.