Soul Gardening - Christi Daniels - Personal Power Coach


Exquisite Seasonal self-care


for an abundant 2020

Christi has an amazing ability to research and synthesize years of information gathering down to one life-changing course – and present it in a fun way. The opportunity to meet with her one-on-one in a small class setting (or any setting) is not to be missed!

Amanda Shertzer | Arkansas, U.S.A.
Founder and Hypnotist @ Time Travel Hypnosis

Christi Daniels shares her tools and inspires women with an amazing amount of Grace, Care, and Empowerment. She knows how to witness others as a means of growth. I loved the beauty of space she created for the whole group, being sensitive to everyone’s needs and levels of experience. Christi is a blessed presence in this world. If her classes are speaking to you, do not hesitate to gift yourself.

Joy Caffrey | Arkansas, U.S.A.
Healer, Speaker, Author @ Joyful Healing Center

“All I can say is WOW. It is a whole new world that I don’t think I have words for right now other than to say that I have come ‘home’ for the first time in my life.”

Gayle Walker | Arkansas, U.S.A.

This was such a great workshop. I am doing some of the exercises that Christi shared and boy do they work.”

Diana Guerin | Arkansas, U.S.A.

“I loved the workshop and the ideas of how to apply what we learned in our day-to-day lives. These skills are practical and practicable. Spending this kind of time with other women is invaluable. Christi has found her calling and I am incredibly grateful.”

Trina Summers  | Arkansas, U.S.A.
Author @ GivenContext

This is such powerful work and is much needed for us women to tap into our Feminine power! Christi’s passion for this work and her graceful teaching style brings depth to this course that is life changing! I would highly recommend it to any women who is ready to know herself more. Thank you for bringing this amazing work to NWA!

Desira Black  | Arkansas, U.S.A.