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Bubble Power On Blog Post

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The feminine within us is known for being flexible, sensing the needs of those around us and shifting to accommodate. When you’re highly sensitive and/or empathic, it’s easy to feel like you’re at the mercy of the emotions of whoever shows up and whatever happens around you. Feeling everything so deeply, having such a caring and generous heart, and knowing you have enormous potential inside of you can make it challenging to distinguish where you stop and someone else begins, to know what falls into your realm of responsibility or what belongs to others.

Bubble Power On is a guided morning ritual that walks you through a visualization for grounding yourself in your core, connecting with all that is and helping you establish and maintain clear, healthy, energetic boundaries for honoring yourself. By actively participating, you’ll be setting up biochemical reactions in your body that will position you for more confidence inside and out. It’s a powerful way to start your practice of exquisite self-care.

Run time is 17:29 minutes