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Slow Down Sunday

October 22, 2017 @ 10:00 am - 11:30 am UTC-5


Join me for the next Slow Down Sunday | October 22, 2017:

You take fabulous care of everyone you love and everything in your charge and while that can feel satisfying to do, there’s still a sense that something’s missing. And that something missing is you.

With the best of intentions, you’ve scheduled time for yourself, but something always seems to come up and get in the way. (Truth be told, it might seem easier to give up on ourselves and give into what’s going on around us than to face the inner dialogue of guilt, judgment, and selfishness that shows up when we take up more space in our own lives.) Even though these are simply conditioned thoughts and we know that putting ourselves first is important, we just don’t seem to make it happen.

But I know some other things about you:

  • When someone else is depending on you to be there, you show up.
  • When resources come into your world, you share the wealth and your loved ones and community benefit
  • You feel driven to contribute in a big way
  • You’re sensitive to the needs of others and know when someone needs something before they know it themselves
  • You feel deeply, you love deeply and you care about humanity

And sometimes you just wish that you had permission and space enough to exist and to be who you really are and not have to fight expectations and limitations. To have the right to breath, relax, and take care of yourself even half as much as other people. To not feel guilty, not feel like you’re being selfish. To take up as much space in your own calendar, in your own heart, with your own time and attention as you devote to the people, projects, and causes you care about. To have the spaciousness for just BEing, without having to DO all the time.

It’s not you, trust me. As women, we’ve been conditioned to expect and think we can deliver the impossibly perfect standards that we hold ourselves to, while having no needs of our own in the process. As a sensitive soul, you’ve survived with a set of life skills that served you well up to now. But those same skills will burn you out, wear you down, and wreak havoc on an otherwise bright future if you don’t replace them.

Slow Down Sunday will give you an actual experience of taking a break and give you breathing space to just BE. By signing up and participating, you’re learning and practicing a new skill of carving out a Safe Haven for yourself that can be used again and again to bring more clarity, peace, and purpose to your life. It’s fascinating to me that the longest relationship we will ever have in our lives, our relationship with ourselves, receives so little of our time. Listen, I might not know you, but I feel like I know you and I’d be willing to bet you can use the break and that you feel it’s finally time.

I’m not suggesting that you take 10 weeks (like the women in the Self-Full Living™ group), and I’m not suggesting that you take 30 days (like the women who’ve read Sabbatical from “Yes”), how about starting with 90 minutes out of your weekend (or year depending on how things have gone) and devote them to yourself.

Your chance to make that goal of taking better care of yourself a reality. Stick your elbows out, put yourself on your calendar, turn ‘Do Not Disturb’ on, and slow down your otherwise frantic pace of life so that you can DO less and BE more.

Think of it as a speed bump for your life, strategically placed in your calendar. A time to relax, connect and be you (whoever you’re discovering that to be).

Through different modalities including visualizations, emotional freedom technique, Art of Feminine Presence® practices, journal prompts, audio exercises, and laser mentoring you’ll have an opportunity to get back in touch with what really matters. Slow down your speed to match the rhythm of life in the moment. To hear those whispers from your soul. To provide a solid place for those realizations and aha’s to land. The perfect time to do this before we dive into a very busy season.

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What to Expect:

  • 10:00am | We will all kick off the day together in a live video chat room (think Brady bunch meets FB Live). I’ll walk you through a visualization to reconnect you to your inner wisdom. If you simply want to be held accountable for taking time for yourself, use this as your first check-in and come back again at the closing. The video chat room will be open for you to check in with questions, get clarification or for laser mentoring to remove obstacles that are showing up.
  • 10:20am | If you don’t already have a plan for your “me” time, stay and join us as we move through the topic for this month. Depending on the theme, that might include journal prompts, ideas or mind/body tools to experiment with, or other experiences.
  • 11:00am | We’ll start wrapping up. You’ll have space to reconnect both with yourself and share your reflections with the group (if you’d like). It’s an opportunity for you to share your commitment for the remainder of the day and even check back in with us later in the FB group to see how you did!
  • 11:30am | Back to your life (OR … feel free to stretch out and fill in the remaining space of your day with time to nourish and refuel yourself.)

If you’ve never taken a workshop with me, I’m known for offering sacred self-discovery wrapped in practical packaging to deliver real-world results.

Invest in yourself by clicking the link below. You’ll receive details to join me. Looking forward to connecting with you (and to you reconnecting with you, too)!

P.S. Remember, if you’re a current client or participate in a current class I’m teaching you get complimentary access. Keep an eye out for the email invite in your inbox.





October 22, 2017
10:00 am - 11:30 am UTC-5


Your Own Cozy Space


Christi Daniels