COMMUNITY - Christi Daniels - Personal Power Coach

Our cozy, subtly subversive corner of Facebook

Where we stand together as fierce allies and advocates for ourselves and each other living a life that’s true to each one of us. Being true to yourself IS a subversive act. Especially when so many of us have been socialized away from our essence.

This is a place for bright, sensitive, heart-centered women who:

  • Want to connect with others who are embracing their personal power and learning how to integrate who they really are into all aspects of their lives, regardless of the opinion of others.
  • Have previously set aside their true selves in order to survive, but are now ready to embrace their authenticity and show up fully.
  • Haven’t figured ‘it’ all out yet.
  • Might be scared shitless, but willing to get messy in the process of experimenting, playing with the possibilities and seeing what works.
  • Keep showing up bravely as life becomes more and more congruent.


Here, we talk about the aspects of all of this that other people just don’t get. We share insights, tools, support and encouragement. We celebrate the highs and have a soft place to land during the lows. We’re about infusing the world with more love, respect and compassion by first giving it to ourselves. By living from our inner authority, we shift the balance and it becomes the standard for creating the world we all want to live in and leave for future generations.

If you’re our kind of people, I’d be thrilled to welcome you into the community we’re building.