Workshop | Be Seen - Clear Your Vow to Be Invisible - Christi Daniels - Life Coach at Empower Studio

A part of you wants to be seen for who you really are.

A part of you can’t stand the thought of it happening.

During this on-demand group workshop, we will honor these aspects and start an integration process to clear your vow to be invisible.

$29 USD

Christi’s masterclass on clearing the vow to be invisible was really amazing. I was so impressed with the way she handled the group and their needs – it’s not an easy thing to do with a topic this close to everyone’s heart! Christi’s content was impeccable and she had a beautiful, gentle way of guiding the process forward.”

Joanna Hennon, SoulSmart Success Mentor and Host of the Soul Smart Podcast, Brussels, Belgium

Who is this for?


If you’re a professional or self-employed woman who finds it challenging to show up and be visible in a way that will grow yourself or your business, then this Lunch & Learn is designed for you!

Join me for this group session to gain clarity about the specific unconscious rules that hold you back and keep you stuck hiding behind the curtains.

Clarity is power, so let’s get you some!

I was afraid to take the workshop so I took that as a sign that it was something I should be doing so I did it! I had some very powerful and unexpected feelings come up around this topic and the technique really helped me process those and move through them. It was very healing in an of itself, but in addition to that, I now have a self-help tool that I can use to move through other less than positive experiences. I highly recommend learning this technique! Thank you.”

Gayle Walker – Arkansas, U.S.A

What Can I Expect?


During this group workshop, we will honor the side of you that wants to stay hidden and the side of you that wants to be seen. You’ll start an integration process to clear your vow to be invisible.

You’ll learn a powerful mind-body tool that can help you discover and start clearing what’s been holding you back from being fully seen.

Expect to leave the workshop with more clarity about what’s been holding you back, more confidence to show up fully, and a sense of peace about it all.

“I enjoyed the workshop. Before joining live I didn’t think I would learn much from the class as I do pride myself on being authentic and open. However, I realized that most of my ‘staying invisible’ was associated with my career and personal relationship with my boyfriend. I think we all have an area or three where we aren’t as completely visible as we could be due to fear or programming we’ve learned over the years. This workshop helped me put my finger on what’s standing in my way right now, how that’s making me feel, how I’m letting it hold me back, and lastly, the steps I need to take to fully release and step into the now. I feel calm, sparkly, and light. I would definitely recommend! Thank you, Christi!”

Angeliquè Marie Guidry, Arkansas, U.S.A.


How Do I Join?


Once you register you’ll be given access to this pre-recorded workshop and a downloadable worksheet to use for taking notes.

Your Facilitator for this Lunch & Learn:
Christi Daniels is a Personal Power Coach for women who are intelligent, highly capable, and fiercely self-reliant, but who struggle with overwhelming emotions at inconvenient times. She helps them step into a larger, more confident and visible version of themselves. With less stress, more energy, and more peace with their emotional state, her clients finally feel at “home” and radiant in their feminine bodies. Christi is a licensed Art of Feminine Presence® Teacher, a Tapping into Wealth™ Coach, and the author of Sabbatical from “Yes”. Her coaching practice, Empower Studio, is based in Fayetteville, Arkansas where she serves clients around the world via private and group video sessions and in Northwest Arkansas with in-person events.