Feminine Power - Christi Daniels - Personal Empowerment Coach

Art of Feminine Presence* is a 5-week class for strong, independent, and sensitive women. It’s an opportunity to make peace with your vulnerability and stop living with a guarded heart. A time to discover how to stand in your authentic power without intimidating or pushing others away. When you embrace your feminine power, you naturally become more attractive, grounded, and sensual.




Christi Daniels is an amazing teacher. If you feel called to this, I would highly recommend anything she facilitates!

Bonnie O’Boyle | Arkansas, U.S.A.
Rehabilitation Counselor @ AR Rehabilitation Services
Speaker, Songwriter, Author and Reiki Master

Embodied practices that honor and integrate mind, body, and soul

  • Psychological practices that help you stop the negative mental and emotional habits


  • Deep questioning of how we all relate to our femininity, our sensuality, and our sexuality


  • A mind-body tool that’s been proven to reduce stress and help you access more of your innate brilliance


  • Physical movements that cultivate feminine energy


  • Body awareness practices that help you be at home in your body no matter what stress is occurring around you


    • Energetic practices that spark an instant expansion of your personal presence and radiance


    • Gain support on your spiritual journey as you look at the darker parts of yourself and embrace being seen



“”Christi has an amazing ability to research and synthesize years of information gathering down to one life-changing course – and present it in a fun way. The opportunity to meet with her one-on-one in a small class setting (or any setting) is not to be missed!

Amanda Shertzer | Arkansas, U.S.A.
Founder and Hypnotist @ Time Travel Hypnosis

Look and feel more confident and radiant

    • Embody a deep sense of confidence and gain command over your physical and energetic presence


    • Learn how to increase your personal presence, feminine energy, and vocal power to attract the attention you want, both personally and professionally


“All I can say is WOW. It is a whole new world that I don’t think I have words for right now other than to say that I have come ‘home’ for the first time in my life.”

Gayle Waker | Arkansas, U.S.A.

“The time I spent doing the Self-Full Living program with you was the best investment I ever made in myself. The things I learned with you about myself and life continue to have an impact on me today.”

Rollie Lewis | Florida, U.S.A.
English Teacher for Non-Native Speakers @ Valencia College

5-Week Class

2-Hour Intimate Group sessions limited to 8 women

Thursdays @ 7-9pm
Nov. 30th – Jan. 4th
(We will take Thanksgiving and Christmas weeks off)

Location to be Provided after enrollment
Bentonville, AR

*Payment option available, see bottom of page for details

Spaces Available

Enrollment closes Nov. 16th

I just wanted to tell you what an AMAZING coach I think you are… you hold space and intuit. I feel heard, understood and I can see the better version of me emerging. I have a great deal of experience personally and professionally with counselors, therapists and the like and you are absolutely among the best of the best.”

April Kennedy | Arkansas, U.S.A.
Writer, Women’s Wellness Advocate, and Yoga Instructor

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