From Selfless to Self-Full™

Leading edge self-discovery for bright,
highly sensitive, driven women.

Modern life as a sensitive soul

doesn’t have to be so hard.


I can help.  


If everything seems fine from the outside looking in but on the inside, you’re feeling disconnected from yourself and your dreams, you’re not alone.

Bright, sensitive, and driven women can find themselves in a similar place, including me. Our hearts are calling us forward to something more in life, but we’ve been socialized away from our essence. The hyper-connected state of modern life only amplifies the disconnection within ourselves, making it more challenging to get back to your core, to make the decisions that are best for you, and to take the steps to live life on full, rather than empty.

All the while, your soul is calling

And when you give yourself a break, time to reconnect and recharge, you’ll see yourself and life with softer eyes. By seeing this particular version of the game of life was rigged with unattainable goals of perfection, pressure, and guilt, you can then free yourself to reconnect with your inner wisdom and soul-stirring desires and gain new skills for navigating a complex and chaotic world. You’ll experience less stress and more ease by cultivating deep self-trust through exquisite self-care.

I can offer you a map, training, and my presence as a fierce ally and advocate for living a life that’s true to you. You’re the only one who can make this shift for yourself and it all starts with a choice. Listen to your heart … if she’s saying this might be for you, then take this tiny step now.

With love and self-full devotion, 




Get your enthusiasm back and stoke your inner flame (without feeling an ounce of guilt about being on fire and having such a kick-ass life)!

Cultivate more respect for yourself, your inner wisdom and soul-stirring desires.

Invest whole-heartedly in yourself and your dreams.

Be exactly who you are in each and every moment without worrying about scrutiny, rejection or the opinion of others.

Feel satisfied at the end of the day about where your energy, efforts, resources were invested.

Understand your feminine power and how to leverage it.

Say “no” when you mean no, “yes” when you mean yes, and mend the fractures of past integrity breaches.

Trust yourself more.

Get over feeling numb and start feeling alive again.